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1How does Pinnacle Mobility help secure funding (MDF) through Total by Verizon?

Pinnacle Mobility supports sub-dealers in securing funding (MDF) available through Total by Verizon through various means, including

  • Offer guidance on the MDF application process.
  • Help in completing the MDF application accurately and efficiently.
  • Provide documentation support to sub-dealers in completing their application process.
  • Leverage their relationships with Total by Verizon to secure maximum funding.
  • Facilitate the process of accessing approved MDF funding, ensuring smoother communication between sub-dealers and Total by Verizon.

Pinnacle Mobility helps sub-dealers in various aspects of the application process, including choosing an appropriate location, managing contract paperwork, and negotiating with Total by Verizon. Moreover, we provide essential support to ensure a smooth and successful sub-dealer onboarding.

By becoming a sub-dealer through Pinnacle Mobility, you can leverage their expertise and establish a strong relationship with Total by Verizon. They can provide the essential resources, support, and guidance to help you succeed as a sub-dealer.

To become a sub-dealer of Pinnacle Mobility, visit their website, and navigate to the "Dealer Program" section. Review their requirements, and complete the online application with precise business information. After submission of the application form, wait for the Pinnacle Mobility team to respond.

Yes, existing dealers or companies can convert and become sub-dealers with Pinnacle Mobility. For more information on the possibilities and requirements for converting a current dealership, it is best to contact our team directly. We'll address your queries and provide the necessary support.

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